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Deck Review: The Everyday Witch Tarot

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Deck Review: The Everyday Witch Tarot

The Everyday Witch Tarot


By Deborah Blake

Art by Elisabeth Alba

During my first Beginning Tarot class, I had an opportunity to see the different kinds of tarot decks currently out there. When I spotted a student with The Every Day Witch Tarot, I knew I had to have it.

 A tarot deck? With witches? And black cats? Count me in!

The deck comes in a sturdy box to hold the cards as well as a well-written guidebook which also doubles as a notebook. This will be very beneficial for people who want to reflect on the meaning of the card and how it may relate their life. As a reader (and writer!) who also teaches how to work with tarot, I incorporate writing into my classes and my Patreon. Any opportunity to merge writing and divination is one that should be taken.

The colors pop and are reminiscent of illustrations in vintage books. The cards have a good heft and are flexible which makes shuffling a breeze.

However, while I do enjoy this deck, I do need to point out that it lacks diversity. All the witches featured on the cards are white. It’s important to remember that not all witches are white, and representation is very important. Should this deck be reprinted/re-released in the future, I would like to see more diversity and inclusion. Witches come from all backgrounds and can be all shapes and colors. It’s disappointing to see a deck that does not acknowledge this. Unfortunately, this is all too common when it comes to divination decks, and we should be working to correct this. I will in the future carefully vet cards before purchasing.

Rating: 3/5