Bless your heart! Do you need a little bit of a pick-me-up? Something a bit refreshing but also keeps that gunky energy away?

Aunt Jenn Jenn has you! Our Bless spray  with rosemary and lemongrass is just the thing you need to make your aura feel like Beyonce getting her hair blown back like the goddess she is (we love you, Beyonce).

Made with our base solution, this spray is infused with organic rosemary and lemon – and each bottle contains a sprig of rosemary just for you! This solution can be used anywhere you feel needs it. Beyonce not included.

Ingredients: distilled water, Spiritual Solution (cleansing, protection),  roses (wards against the evil eye, promotes good luck, attracts love), basil (steadies the mind, protects, attracts love and good intentions), mint (protection, luck), rosemary (wards off negativity, cleansing, protection, strength), lemongrass (blessings, love).